You’ve got a friend

All Toy Story soundtracks have been playing on repeat in our house this summer! (I’m not complaining! Toy Story is a classic!)

He walks with me

I can remember my mom singing this song when she thought I wasn’t listening as a child.
I was listening, and it was beautiful. I may not have understood the words at the time, but I was introduced to something beautiful.
Now being a mom of little ones, I’m constantly amazed by what they notice AND remember! No pressure, am I right?! 😂
I pray my kiddos hear more positive messages like this daily. I guess I have my mom to thank for this lesson. ❤️


I’ve always enjoyed reading the words of old hymns. For me, reading hymns is like a “reset” button. They are inspiring and direct. They provide clarity and insight. And goodness gracious we all know there are far worse songs we could have stuck in our head all day!